Problem asml SNF 2009-10-24 16:51:13: wafer handler failed

gsosa at gsosa at
Sun Oct 25 12:20:20 PDT 2009

Wafer haldling failed for carrier inspection on port #4( sender). Wafer handling system suspected that wafers were cross slotted. Also wafer handling system suspected that wafers were lost in the system. This was the wafer that was supposed to go from send elevator(port #4) to the pre-aligner but never left the sender. At this point system would not complete a fast or full start-up due to an unsafe machine condition. Removed the stranded wafers from Input port(Port #4) . There were 2 wafers( they were not cross slotted. Noticed that one of the cassettes fit a little snug in-between the locating blocks( Possibly causing the cassette to be slightly tilted and causing a mis-read when cassettte is mapped. Made sligh adjustment to locating block so that both black cassettes sit easily into proper location. Broken hinges on port #3( output elevator) replaced the hinges. Tested system by cycling 30 wafers through with test job. All systems OK. PLEASE... In the future, if the system pop-up message indicates that " A wafer is probably lost in the system........ Contact a service engineer",  1) Do not take further action on system which could possibly cause serious damage to the tool, 2) Shut system down in Coral. 3) Call SNF Staff cell phone if it is a weekend or holiday.  System up and ready to use.  

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