Problem asml SNF 2010-08-26 23:12:40: UNLOAD ERROR -- DO NOT USE

damodei at damodei at
Thu Aug 26 23:12:40 PDT 2010

My wafer exposed fine, but then encountered an error on unload -- "output casette empty" or "software error on unload" or something like that (check the log file).  I tried to "abort batch and clear stepper" as requested by the pop-up menu, but this command did not execute either.  The wafer is still on the E-chuck even though no exposure error occured -- the wafer is still green on the display.
Repeat: This is NOT a problem with the wafer or the jobfile, something seems to have gone wrong with the software or the output casette when trying to unload.  I am looking for someone knowledgeable enough to move the wafer in manual mode, until then DO NOT use the machine as there is a wafer inside.

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