Shutdown asml SNF 2010-01-16 17:20:59: as per SNF staff suggested

gsosa at gsosa at
Sun Jan 17 11:48:07 PST 2010

Initail carrier insperction failed on port #4. Checked and reseated the cassette onto thte platform of port #4 and retested with a test job. System cycled wafers OK. 
 The temperature in litho area is 14 Deg. C and the stepper has an incoming air temperature warning due to the coldness( The internal temperature control cannot keep up due to this). This is however , a warning and the system will still operate and expose wafers. I would advise that if you are goung to expose wafers, do a test wafer to verify your process. Or wait untill the temperature/humidity are back in spec and system is stabilized. Please proceed with caution.

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