Comment asml SNF 2010-01-26 07:25:58: emulator

mahnaz at mahnaz at
Tue Jan 26 07:25:59 PST 2010

for the record
    *  SAWS: Worked with Eric and was able to mount Disk 0 from Disk 1, and performed an FSCHK, There were some errors during the FSCHK, but it finished. At this point we booted the Disk 0 from the OK prompt and disk was able to start booting, which is different from last week, where it would not boot at all. Some errors occurred and went into a maintenance mode, where we were able to start a full FSCHK, and the check came back with unrecoverable bad blocks, test finished and was not able to recover any blocks. Recommendation from Eric is to replace the drive. 
    *  Started working on MPM items and schedule.

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