Shutdown asml SNF 2010-11-25 00:57:12: Wafer Handler won't move

eperalta at eperalta at
Thu Nov 25 00:57:12 PST 2010

Started running a batch and the wafer was rejected.
It then displayed the following error: 
 "A wafer is probably lost in the machine, which was expected on: inp robotinp robotinp robotinp robotinp robot. Please contact a service engineer, to find this wafer". 
However, the wafer is in the first slot of the input casette. 
It also wouldn't release my reticle via the standard option "4-exchange reticle box" so i had to use option "5-remove reticles from machine".
I tried to perfrom a "Start-up" (both fast and full) to see if reinitializing the wafer handler system would fix the problem and I could avoid shutting the tool down but it failed to initialize the wafer handler drivers because of the "lost wafer" error.

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