Problem asml SNF 2011-01-05 16:53:39: Important- Please Read

gsosa at gsosa at
Wed Jan 5 16:53:40 PST 2011

Annual PM Completed- Tool up and ready for use.
   ASML completed the annual PM and the stepper is back up with certain conditions, so please read carefully.
    If you are doing zero layer and are going to expose "XPA marks", Please delay your processing until after 3:00PM tomorrow(1/6). ASML Applications group will do a machine constants change tomorrow morning that will affect the XPA mark performance. Further details related to this change will be forthcoming.
   If you are exposing standard alignment marks for "Zero Layer" or are exposing "Work already in Progress", the system is up and ready to go.
  If you have any problems, please report them in Coral
    Thanks.... The Litho Team

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