Problem asml SNF 2011-07-20 09:14:33: Reticle eroor card

mahnaz at mahnaz at
Wed Jul 20 09:14:34 PDT 2011

Mark K. 07/20/11
- Was reported the reticle was stuck on the Reticle table.
- Found that the reticle was on the gripper and not on the table.
- Pulled the gripper foward and manually removed the reticle.
- put the gripper back into a wake up position, and performed init system failed to init for a digitial I/O error.
- Rebooted the VRS rack and watched the initailization occurr, the gripper went up/down/up and stopped.
- Noticed the MDCM card for Theta would error out every time.
- Swapped the Theta card with the X card and the error followed the
- Ordered a new card, ETA is on thursday.

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