[asml-pcs] Problem asml SNF 2013-05-29 22:08:14: Occur "system error"

mnakamura at snf.stanford.edu mnakamura at snf.stanford.edu
Thu May 30 12:17:44 PDT 2013

Released the system. PAS application restarted, and daily qual OK after cleaning the e-table.
The original issue was caused by a leveling error on a wafer. 
05/29/2013  20:16:04  Machine:3628  (Rel:8.9.0.c, LSMA [mi], LSPR_ST_primitives.c, 1176)
ERROR: LS-027d
Timeout on wait for interrupt.
05/29/2013  20:16:04  Machine:3628  (Rel:8.9.0.c, LSMA [mi], LSDI_ST_diagnostic.c, 1221)
DIAGNOSTICS INFORMATION Level Sensor Driver status :
Height not OK. Window coarse = 99.6094 [nm].
Window fine = 99.6094 [nm].

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