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  By the way, so far  the exposure is about 120 to 130 mj on the asml 
for,.  I will post the pictures on my office door for now as I  did not 
get a chance to go through them and organize them.


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Subject: I line resist/ASML
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 15:23:00 -0700
From: Mahnaz Mansourpour <mahnaz at stanford.edu>
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Hello all,

Here some preliminary result of the new I line resist for ASML stepper
The resist is shipley SPR955cm-.7.
I am attaching a spin speed curve  and another chart with more details 
 measurement  ( 5 points).
The soft bake temp. for all of these tests are done   120 second at 90C 
on the SVGcoat.
I have done E0 test on the asml and I see the best thickness for the 955 
resist at .9 to 1 um.
All these  tests need to be repeated  at least one more time but for now 
should do for some  of you whom wants to get in there and run the system.

I have updated the sheets next to the svg coat  and SVG developer  with 
the correct recipes:
Recipe #5 for the svgcoat  ( front track only)
Recipe  #2 for the SVGdev and   SVGdev2
Please note that the new developer  has surfactant and is called Shipley 
Thank Uli for helping with upgrading the paper work.
I will put a copy of the spin speed curve in the RED LItho Binder.

Please note that shipley 3612 still can be used but we will not be able 
to push the resolution behind .6 um. To my surprise the exposure is very 
fast,  minimum exposure on the ASML is 40mj and we have been exposing it 
at 45mj.
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