Stepper Status 4/25/08

Gary J Sosa gsosa at
Fri Apr 25 21:25:22 PDT 2008

Hi ASM-L Users....

   The stepper is still down despite a valiant effort by the ASM-L  
crew. Thanks ASM-L for staying late and trying to bring the tool up  
for the weekend. We will continue working on the tool on Monday and  
will keep you updated. Here is the coral summary of work done:

Tool Status 4/25/2008

The stepper is still down. ASM-L checked and updated red and white  
light focus and updated tilt maching. Red/blue test (machine matching  
to itself) is failing and cannot be corrected through software. X / Y  
translation, rotation and reticle height are out of spec. Metrology  
setup will continue on Monday morning and may require mechanical  
setups within the tool to bring the tool back into specification.

  ... Gary

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