Stepper Status 4/28/2008

Gary J Sosa gsosa at
Mon Apr 28 20:10:20 PDT 2008

Hi ASM-L Users...

   The stepper is back up for 4 Inch wafer processing. Please shoot a  
test wafer and verify your process before exposing all your wafers. If  
you have any problems, report them in Coral. I would again like to  
thank the ASM-L crew for their efforts, especially Binder, Thanh and  
Linda for staying late and ensuring that the tool came up for this  
evening. Many, Many thanks!! Here is the summary of work done as  
reported in Coral:

  Stepper Status 4/28/2008

System is back up for 4" wafer processing. ASM-L did the following to  
bring the tool up: 1) Cleaned the reticle table and reticle. 2)  
Checked and re-determined Basic Machine Constants and fine tuned wafer  
shifts. 3) Verified with red-blue tests with software updates- Still  
out of spec( Reticle table tilt). 4) Mechanically adjusted reticle  
table tilt with factory tooling and retested with red-blue test-  
Reticle table tilt now within spec(< 10 microns). All other critical  
parameters also within spec. 5) Verified white lite focus and  
redefined the image sensor reference state. 6) Converted the tool back  
to 4" and did all needed calibrations. System is up and ready for use.  
Users please shoot a test wafer before exposing all wafers and inspect  
for alignment. Please report any problems in Coral.


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