Options in order to complete 3D install at Stanford

Nandasiri Samarakone nandasiri.samarakone at asml.com
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In order to bring everyone up to speed, let me review the situation.

A) ASML were unable to complete calibration of the 3D align in the time
B) In order to finish we would need in the region of 4+ ( say 5 days for
safety )
C) ASML have allready had the tool for several weeks for FLIR
D) STANFORD students urgently need the tool in order to get results for
the IEDM conference
E) Binder and Paul have days off in May 
F) The longer we delay completion the greater the need to redo several
tests ( ie we add 2 days )
G) I am unable to be present at Stanford Friday to discuss this 1 on 1
with Mary / Mahnaz / John etc due to prior comittments. The earliest
time that I could realistically get there would be 3 pm.
H) Suggest Binder discuss the following options with Mary / Mahnaz /
John tomorrow 

Options in order of preference ( see attached power point )

1. Take tool May 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ( I understand this is unlikely as the
students are way behind allready )
2. Take the tool May 26, 27, 28, 29, and possibly Sat 30th
3. Take the tool June 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
4. Take the tool June 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, ( although by now we would
likely need to redo Red / Blue and other tests so that we would need 2
more days to complete the work.

Ernie / John / Keith,

Correct me if I am wrong but I don't see any scheduled 3D align project
being impacted by any of the above options.

Kind Regards


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Hello Mahnaz,

This is a crunch time for students feverishly working to get some
results for the IEDM conference. Between ASML and Griffin it has become
difficult for them to complete devices. I hear that griffin is again
down. If ASML also goes out for another 4 days or more it puts a serious
damper on their productivity. Can this be done during the quarter break
when IEDM deadline is over and many students will take off for summer?


On Apr 30, 2008, at 10:11 AM, Mahnaz Mansourpour wrote:

> Hello all,
> You need to read this carefully and give us  feed back immediately....
> Here  are some facts:
> 3D front side went through and passed all the tests.
> Due to unexpected problems,  ASML crew ran out of time to perform 3D 
> align calibrations for back side alignment..
> There is a time limit of less than a month for the installation of the

> back side 3D, other wise both ( top and bottom ) needs to be redo and 
> tested and that would add easily  3-4 days more down time to the 
> system.
> After the 3D installation completed , overlay tests (6" Wafers) needs 
> to be ran and etched in a different company  ( needs to be coordinated

> and  scheduled with outsourcing company).
>  Binder will be incharge with  help of ASML crew  so coordination is 
> the key.
> This week May 28th  we are already one week in to our less than a 
> month restriction.
> Suggestions:
> If we can do it next week (May 5th through May 08),  we will need only

> 4 days Monday through Thursday, System will be up at 4" on Friday May 
> 9th . ( trust me,  we know that  is a short notice).
> The only other time will work for every one would be May 27th
> (start) and will need till June 3rd.  During this time an overlay of
> 3 days needs to be ran  without any distribution; it will push us into

> weekend but ASML crew has agreed to work during that time.
> So your suggestions and inputs are very important to us and I like to 
> remind every one that the 3D installation is a  major work and things 
> of this nature is very common.
> So communicate with me .....
> Mahnaz/Binder

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