Scribe wafers

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Tue Sep 23 17:06:09 PDT 2008

Hello all,

I like to take this opportunity and remind every one that we would 
rather all the scribing be done on the top of the wafers vs back side. 
If this is not possible  then only scribe very conservatively on the 
side of the wafers with flat toward you.
You should not use letters that causes a lot of stress like M,W, T, 
L.... please small.
I have these written and is next to the system, please take a few 
minutes and refresh your memory.

Secondly,  It is your responsibility to make sure that  back of  every 
wafers  is free of  resist or any other residue.
The resist is causing major issues on the Echuck and Pchuck and because 
of the 3D optic cleaning with acetone is not an option.  I am asking for 
your help on this matter as I get reminded by the FSE almost every  
time. The flatness is another issue so Please check  few wafers out of 
your lot on the Granite( rock) on Ultratech. If for any reason the back 
of wafers has resist or EBR residue,  clean it with q-tip and run the 
wafers through SRD in the litho area, the way I showed you during training .


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