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Paul Rissman rissman at stanford.edu
Wed Feb 11 09:09:58 PST 2009

Keith Best was kind enough to invite me to present an overview of 
activity on our ASML tool at their customer workshop which will be 
held at Stanford 3/31/09.  As you may know, the stepper is here as a 
joint development activity between ASML and SNF.  This agreement will 
soon be up for renewal, so demonstration of interesting and novel 
uses of the stepper will be an important indicator to ASML of the 
benefit of the JDA and increase the probability of renewal.

Could you please send me a slide or two (or interesting micrograph) 
of work you have done on the ASML?   I have received a few slides, 
but I am sure there is more interesting activity on the stepper. The 
information or picture need not be lithography related - the only 
requirement is that the work was done on the stepper..  If there is 
something special about the ASML which made the work possible, please 
include that information as well.

Thank you for your help.

Paul Rissman 
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