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Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Fri Jan 15 15:36:12 PST 2010

Dear ASML users --


As you know, we are losing temperature and humidity control in the lab 
this weekend.  The outside humidity will likely be on the high side, 
with temperatures on the low side especially in late evenings/early 
mornings.  Consulting with the ASML maintenance engineers, they believe 
the system should still be able to run within spec under these 
conditions, as long as the ASML environmental control system can handle 
the changes.  They feel there is a possibility that if the temperature 
change is too fast, the environmental control system may require 
additional time to re-stabilize.  If this happens, the machine will stop 
What to do:

1. * Whatever happens, DO NOT PERFORM A HARD RESET.  There is a good 
possibility of seriously damaging the tool in this state.
2.  If you get a yellow warning:  The system needs time to restabilize. 
Once it does, the system will reset and the yellow warning will clear.  
At this time, it is alright to begin processing again.

3.  If you get a red warning:  the system will not run.  DO NOT continue 
using the system and DO NOT reinitialize.  Put the system down on 
Coral.  Staff will check Coral status through the weekend.  ASML will be 
on-site on Monday morning and there will be also some technical support 
during the days this weekend.


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