Demo time

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Wed Sep 8 11:55:03 PDT 2010

Hello all,

I like to let you know that our favorite group ASML has to do a  demo in 
8" for a customer.
The system will go down at *6 am Tuesday 21st *and  SNF members  will 
not have access to the tool till some times *Thursday afternoon 23rd 
around 4 pm.*
The demo should finish earlier that day but the system needs to be put  
back to 4" and all the testing needs to be completed.

One other caveat,   There is a possibility of not having the 3D 
capability at the time the tool gets released to SNF on 9/23  till the 
following week.

ASML has been planning for this for some time and they will  work in two 
shifts in order to minimize the impact to SNF members.

I will have a meeting with asml folks tomorrow and I will update you of  
future changes.


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