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Fri Jun 10 14:24:44 PDT 2011

Hello all,

I just want to remind every one of the followings....

We had a meeting on May 11th that Jason Parker helped to put it together 
in order to discuss the issues of particle on the chuck for ASML tool.

The attendance was low but had been communicated to you all that if you 
do not voice your concern you will strictly follow the outcome of the 

Here one more time.

You are responsible to inspect 100% back of all the wafers after taking 
them off the SVGcoaters.
Clean back of any wafers with EBR or resist residue with q tips and acetone.

Run ALL wafers through SRD (SPIN RINSE DRYER) in Teflon cassette with 3 
black pins which is in black box on top of the SRD( labeled ASML only).

This is another reminder that " the particle on chuck "  gets check 
every day so we will take a group's privilege  off if we see gross 
so you are responsible to correct and guide the one that are not 
following the procedure.

On a  positive note,  since every one is been more carful and following 
the procedure we have not had particle on chuck sine May 13th.
So  cleaning the back of wafers and the SRD rinse, it  is  seems to be 
All these info are in the binder next to the tool and on the Wiki.
I like  to take the opportunity and thank Uli and Lili for all the help 
with measuring particles for different tool sets. *

Let us know of any issues and concern

litho team

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