Urgent- ASML Stepper Scheduled Downtime- Please Read

Gary J Sosa gsosa at stanford.edu
Thu Jun 21 13:57:31 PDT 2012

Hello Stepper Users.... 

This is a reminder that the ASML Special Applications Group has a very important project beginning Tuesday 6/26 at 7:30am and is scheduled to be completed late evening on July 7th. The project requires an extensive amount of tool time and there will be times when the tool will not be available in the late evenings and early mornings due to ongoing work or tool configuration. I have attached a time line that shows the project schedule and time needed. I will also post a copy at the Lab entrance and at the tool. Note that the areas on the schedule shaded in blue are times when the tool is available, only if needed. Please make arrangements with Litho staff if you absolutely have to use the stepper during this time, otherwise the tool will remain under ASML's control to avoid any potential problems that will put their critical work at risk. Also, the ending times are estimates, so if ASML completes their scheduled daily work early, they will release the tool time to the lab members. You will have to check on Coral for these updates. Please plan you Stepper activities accordingly and make alternate plans during this time. Thank you in advance for you patience and understanding from the SNF Staff and ASML Special Applications Group. 

Regards... The Litho Team 
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