ASML shutdown over the weekend! :(

Edgar Peralta eperalta at
Sat Nov 17 17:00:28 PST 2012

It looks like the tool has been shutdown for the weekend due to a wafer
being stuck inside.

* Is there any chance of anyone coming to re-set the tool before Monday?

This is a high-use machine and I suspect this shutdown will affect many:
from a user's perspective their work will be set back and from SNF's
perspective the lab losing money.

This problem seems to occur often, it happened to me Friday (albeit at 2am
so disruption was minimal) and I've learned to re-check wafer flatness
(despite hundreds of wafers previously ran without problems).

* I wonder if perhaps it would be possible to train a few experienced users
the recovery procedure so that long shutdowns like this can be avoided?


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Department of Applied Physics
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