[asml] ASML up

Yongliang Yang ylyang at stanford.edu
Fri Feb 15 22:46:37 PST 2013

Hi, all, 

Gary help me retrieved my wafers. I think the ASML is up now. 

Sorry for the inconvenient and thanks Gary for the quick action. 


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Hi Yongliang...

  I retrieved your wafers from the stepper and put them in your wafer box. The wafers seem to float on the granite and are clean. I have time reserved on Tuesday morning 2/19 from 7:00am to 10am. Can you come in and we can try processing your wafers again. I don't want you to risk running your wafers over the long weekend and the same thing happening again.

     Regards... Gary 

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Subject: [asml-pcs] Shutdown asml SNF 2013-02-15 17:54:48: Wafer stucked in	the machine

My wafers were stucked in the machine.  Sorry for the inconvenient to all the lab members. 
gary, I left my box and twizzers on the table. Please put my wafer in the box. By the way, Could you let me know when will you go to snf. I would like to be around.
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