RTA aw610r -- Could we schedule Pyrometer mode for early next week?

Scott Lee wslee at stanford.edu
Thu Nov 17 11:00:30 PST 2011

I would also like another pyrometer time next week. Monday would be great.


On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 5:36 PM, Katie Chang <kgc at stanford.edu> wrote:

> Hello RTA users,
> I'm interested in using the RTA in pyrometer mode early next week, and was
> hoping to schedule a time that would work for everyone (and perhaps request
> the assistance of aw610 "super-users" who might know how to make the
> switch).
> Would it be possible to convert to pyro mode sometime after the
> weekend? It would be especially great if we could use it next Monday.
> Happy annealing, everyone!
>  --KGC
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