RTA (contaminated) TC/Pyro Plan?

Takane Usui takane at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 28 18:15:16 PST 2011

Hi Pradeep,

Thanks, I appreciate your help - As Katie said early next week sounds good to me too.  If we could have it with pyro on Monday through Tuesday or Wednesday next week, that would be great.  I made a reservation next Monday.

Thank you,

PS - Jim, I don't think my samples will be ready by Wed PM, but thanks for your advice!

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I can help you guys.  
Let me know when you want it .  

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On Nov 28, 2011, at 4:50 PM, "Takane Usui" < takane at stanford.edu > wrote: 

Since Ed is out of town, does anybody know when AW610_R will be configured with a pyrometer (I believe it has a TC now)? 
Thank you, 

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