RTA (contaminated) TC/Pyro Plan?

jim kruger jimkruger at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 07:03:41 PST 2011

I see that in spite of several expressions of interest in pyro, no additional  slots  for today after 11:00 or Wed AM have been taken.

The plan is to convert to pyro mode at 11:00 today and change back to TC the next day, 11/30/11 before Elmer's shift ends.

If no one else signs up, this may be earlier than later.

I suggest that when making a reservation, labmembers use the "Process" window to indicate their  wish, pyro or TC.  This will not guarantee the mode, just indicate, to all, the desire.  Arrangements must be made for the switch-over as now.

Sorry for the confusion, hopefully we will be back to normal when Ed returns.


 From: Seongjae Cho <felixcho2010 at gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: RTA (contaminated) TC/Pyro Plan?

Dear the members, 

I hope the schedule for using in pyrometer mode would be set soon smoothly 
but one thing I feel like to ask is, it will be appreciated if I'm permitted to use the tool in TC mode around the weekend. 
Since I have a flight schedule on next Monday and not able to get back before SNF shutdown, 
this weekend will be the last days I can be in the SNF. 
There is a work whose final step is RTA with TC mode, which is very probably to be done during this weekend. 
So it doesn't really matter whether the pyrometer mode is run during this week or next, 
but please take my situation also into consideration when deciding. 
Many thanks in advance. 
- Sincerely, Seongjae.

2011/11/28 Takane Usui <takane at stanford.edu>

>Since Ed is out of town, does anybody know when AW610_R will be configured with a pyrometer (I believe it has a TC now)?
>Thank you,
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