[aw610_r] 610r change to Pyro and Pyro CAL for Monday March 10-2013

Pradeep Nataraj pradeep.nataraj at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 06:46:27 PST 2013


I am sorry I have NOT agreed to run your wafers especially with your process conditions on our RTP.  It was just not the water problem. There is more to it.

We have to calibrate our RTP for pyro first. 

I agree that your process recipe has worked in the past. But we have to make sure it won't damage our system again. It was very painful on us to bring it up again. 

Please stop referring my name Regarding RTP matter.  I have not agreed to run your wafers on RTP until it is safe to do so. 

Also you have been very pushy on this matter! Please understand Stanford Nano lab primary usage is for students and faculty. 

I understand you need your work to get it done. But our staff needs to make sure it won't damage our system again. Lot of students depend on this tool. 

After calibration I will run your recipe with one of our staff present. 
If your recipe runs with stable conditions, then I will process your wafers. 

Please be patient until our staff permit us to do your process. 

If you are very desperate I can recommend other out side vendors may able to provide you  this service for you.

Thank you for understanding 


On Mar 8, 2013, at 6:57 PM, Saurabh Dutta Chowdhury <sdchowdhury at transphormusa.com> wrote:

> Jim:
> I am hoping Pradeep will be able to run 610r at 1120 this monday. I will be there to observe. However, talking to Pradeep it seems he needs help with Pyro CAL. Today we could not make progress as EE was out. Will EE be here on Monday for 610r.
> Note the recipe 1120_P worked fine in Nov-Dec but did melt the system in January so Pradeep is being extra cautious.
> I am assuming now that water is hooked up the tool should function fine but has anybody run a Pyro CAL already or just TC CAL?
> Will there be EE support on Monday. If so at what time? Say 10 AM
> Thanks
> Saurabh

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