[aw610_r] Need Pyrometer Mode for AW610R

Archana Kumar akumar10 at stanford.edu
Mon Mar 18 18:04:22 PDT 2013

Hi All, 

I need to use pyro mode as well, but the last time I tried pyro there was a problem which I reported on coral, and I don't think it has been looked into yet. I can convert to pyro mode tomorrow, but will any of the staff be around to help us resolve the issue? 


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Subject: [aw610_r] Need Pyrometer Mode for AW610R 

Sorry for having aw610_r switched between modes again, but could any superuser switch the system to the pyrometer mode for two days? 
I understand it is a very late notice, but I will be very grateful if it could be done sometime today. 

Many thanks! 

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