Raith improvements

Charley Williams charley at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Oct 7 15:26:03 PDT 2002

	I've put a 1 psi blow-off valve in line with the vent N2 supply to the
vent lines
in the room. It's on the N2 regulator, so both the Hitachi 4160 and the
Raith 150 get the
advantage. Now airlock pressure cannot exceed 1 psi, no matter what. I
have re-installed
the clamp on the Raith airlock, removed because of overpressure fears.
Now we should get
no more dreaded "Error 4" messages. I've run the evac/vent cycle a few
times and it looks
fine. I've also adjusted the airgun pressure ( it was on the same line
as the airlock vent )
back to 15 psi, which seems to be enough to blow away dust, but not
wafer chips. Let me
know if you need more/less.
	Please report any problems with the airlock and I'll look into them.

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