Update on Raith 150, 9-9-2002

Charley Williams charley at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Sep 9 13:14:47 PDT 2002

	Hi, Folks,
	The Leo people have just left, saying that the remaining problem,
little fuzzies
on our high mag (100KX) images, disappears when the Raith blanker is
turned off. We've been
running with the Raith PC turned off, since we're not writing. I'll
power up the PC and see
if that makes any difference, but I think that's grasping at straws.
I've e-mailed Dr. Klingfus
at Raith asking him for some help, either a board I can replace or a
tech to have a look at the
problem. Will update when I know more.

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