Raith up?

Charley Williams charley at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Sep 9 16:42:03 PDT 2002

	I think so. The only problem we had left was the oscillation seen on
images (>100KX). The Leo guys figured out that if the Raith beam blanker
box was
powered off, we had no image disturbance. I got a call from Michael
Rouse (Raith) that
he'd be here tomorrow for the duration. I decided to have a look at the
simple. Better than simple. I found two fiber optics lying on the floor.
I plugged them
back into the blanker drive box, and we now have no image problems with
the blanker on.
	So, I believe we're up. Come and write something and prove me right or
I'm still going to have Michael show up tomorrow, as I believe our stage
has a huge
amount of hysteresis and I'm sure that ain't good.
	If you get a pattern written, I need to know how it came out! I realize
tempting to run off to your next step (especially if you had something
to write two
weeks ago....), but I need the feedback to know if we're OK or not.
	Next time I'll try to keep the Leo guy from stepping on our fibers...

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