Update, 9-13-2002

Charley Williams charley at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Sep 13 14:07:20 PDT 2002

	Sorry for the late update. We have people here from Raith and Leo, so I
hoping the situation was about to change...
	The Raith 150 is down again. The replacement board has developed a dead
in the deflection circuit and distorts the image badly on Mag range 2.
Bill Neill is here
from Leo and Mike Rouse is here from Raith. We're awaiting another
Electron Optics control
board. Attempts to coax this board to work have been in vain.
	The 700F is up for testing and, so far is working perfectly. James and
I have 
worked out a little strategy to try to locate the intermittent, as it is
starting to 
look like it may be hardware causing dropped pattern elemenets
	The 4160 is up.
	The S-800 is up, with image storage problems.

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