Update, 9-17-2002

Charley Williams charley at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Sep 17 11:17:39 PDT 2002

	The Raith 150 is still down, a new E-O board is "on the way". I cannot
get through
to our Leo service guy yet, so no timeline for the fix is availible yet.
	The 700F is writing well, with occasional glitches in data transfer,
but most users
I've talked to are getting patterns, now sharper and more accurate than
before the overhaul.
	The 4160 is up, awaiting class attendees and is available for pictures
with me
driving if there is a need.
	The S-800 is up and Mike Bell, Mike Deal and myself are looking into
the Semicaps
problems. The images are not interference-free, but useable unless
you're publishing. The
Polaroid camera is still a viable option!
	I hope to have info on the Raith timeline later today and will pursue
the Semicaps

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