Late update, 9-25-2002

Charley Williams charley at
Wed Sep 25 16:56:41 PDT 2002

	Sorry for late update. We had some problems with the Raith video board
and a new one won't be in until Friday. I opened the drawer it lives in
got some very scratchy-looking video, but it's enough to do alignments,
Arvind is attempting a write now. It just needs to be way cooler than
box normally is. 
	The 700F had some mark-finding trouble, but we found the beam has
about 4um since last update, and once this is taken into account, we're
	The 4160 is up and I'll be showing some users how to run it, probably
tomorrow, so our "customer base" is growing.
	The S-800 is up. Haven't heard yet when Semicaps will attempt another
fix to the "live" mode and getting rid of the lines. They promised me
was important to them.

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