Update, 9-27-2002

Charley Williams charley at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Sep 27 10:35:56 PDT 2002

	The Raith is up and running. I'm going to run it most of the day to be
sure our
new board really is up to the task, but if you have a pattern you want
to run, please come
in and do so. I'm just going to simulate a write to exercise the
elecronics, so stop my
"write" and start yours whenever you want.
	The 700F is running well. Most of the errors we see are because of
confusion with
the mark detection. Remember to update the four stage mark positions
before your run! Then
it should see your wafer marks, too. If not, see me and we'll have a
	The 4160 is up for use. Don't put anything in the chamber that is not a
clean, dry
wafer. We're going to limit sticky things in there. Unbaked resist,
tape, anything sticky
will have to be looked at with minimizing contamination in mind.
	The S-800 is up.
	The 700F, the Raith and the S-800 work areas are becoming messy. Clean
up your gloves,
papers, pens, old chips, wafer boxes, set the machine correctly for
leaving. No open airlocks
all night, no leaving your stuff all over the place for others to wade
through. Replace all
chemicals used to the tray provided.

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