Update, 9-30-2002

Charley Williams charley at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Sep 30 11:17:16 PDT 2002

	The Raith 150 is up for use. All functions look good. I am just running
it to see
how well our fix is holding up. If you want to run something, exit out
of my login and 
take over. You don't need to come get me, just log me out and go. I'm
only running to 
exercise the machine.
	The 700F is running well. All problems we had last week were due to
lack of under-
standing how the machine processes data. We wound up figuring our how to
outsmart it and
got some large arrays to write, even with buffer overflow messages all
over the place.
	The 4160 is up for use if you've been checked out on it. If you want to
see how
to run, I'll be showing a student the basics this afternoon at about
1:00, so come on by.
Remember: we're keeping this machine "clean". No tape, sticky stuff. If
you're not sure your
idea is safe, come get me and we'll see what we can do. Ask first! I've
found users putting
large amounts of non vacuum-compatible tape in there.
	The S-800 is up, still waiting for the Semicaps folks to make good
their promise
to come by and have a look.

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