Beamtools Update, 4/14/2003

charley charley at
Mon Apr 14 11:18:29 PDT 2003

    The Hitachi 4160 is up for use, the operating proceedure has been
submitted, so
training will resume soon.
    The S-800 is up for use. I have put some carbon dots in the N2 box.
These are
for use IN THIS LAB only. NOT to be removed by anyone for any purpose.
only the ones you need. I will be watching the supply and replacing them
as needed,
but not large numbers of them!
    The Raith 150 is up for use.
    The Hiatchi 700F remains down due to the laser. A new one has been
order and we are awaitng the Purchasing people approving. I have been
the order and have asked for Fedex overnight shipping when the approval
in. I do not/can not yet have a date for completion on this.

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