700F laser

charley charley at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Apr 17 15:29:53 PDT 2003

    Ok, folks,
    The latest news is better, but scarcely what we wanted. The company
we buy
lasers from doesn't have our type in stock, but they have contacted the
and will finish one for us by Monday and have a guy to drive it over to
us from
Santa Clara. So I should have it Monday morning.
    I am expecting an entire laser assembly, and if that's what I get,
it should only
take me an hour to mount it and align it and we're on the air. If I get
the tube only,
it will take me a little longer to replace the tube in our 'old' laser
and put it on the
    In either case, we should be up for testing by Monday afternoon, if
all goes well.
I'll update as to the situation, which is bound to change, judging from
past experience!

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