Update. 4-18-2003

charley charley at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Apr 18 16:11:50 PDT 2003

    The Raith 150 is up and running.
    The Hitachi 700F is still down for laser failure, laser is on its way, delayed due
to some human error on both sides of the deal.
    The Hitachi S-800 is up and running, looked good in our class yesterday.
    The Hitachi 4160 is up and running. I have just done a calibration check just to
see how far off it is after sitting for three years. It isn't off at all. I have an NBS standard
for checking SEM mags and the 10u line spacing came out 10.00u, the 30u spacing
came our 30.08, an error of +0.28% and the 60u spacing came out with an error
of +1.8%, but this is most likely due to placement of the cursors over the lines
measured. In other words, this SEM is about as accurate as it gets, and you can
measure your ability to correctly place the cursors!

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