Beamtools Update, 2-21-2003

Charley Williams charley at
Fri Feb 21 11:03:44 PST 2003

	The S-800 is running well. You may have to restart the HV, as the new
tip is
running right up to the maximum current. This will get you very high
images, but is a little tricky to get it to run, until it runs in for a
time. I have
seen several users using the 'Semicaps' computer to read e-mail, etc. I
have also seen
the lines on our micrographs return. All non-Semicaps software should be
avoided on this
machine! Net software=lines.
	The 4160 is up and running, as is the new video capture setup,
instructions to
follow. Stay BELOW 10KV. NO TAPE in the chamber, and remember to leave
the machine in 
the correct state before leaving the room.  Several users are forgetting
this! The new
video amplifier has arrived, and when time allows I will install it and
we'll have lots
of fanout capability on our new video hookup.
	The Raith is under James's care and is coming along.
	The Hitachi 700F is down for vacuum pump problems caused by a faulty
foreline vent valve. Dick has had a new pump installed and I have found
the valve and
am looking into correcting its operation. Shouldn't be too much longer,
I hope!

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