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Fri Jun 13 13:55:54 PDT 2003

Until now, moving files from one PC to another has been a hassle!  Computer
users have been forced to use delicate floppy disks, complicated to
install zip-drives, and slow cd-burners.  In fact, some new PCs,
especially laptops, no longer come with a floppy disk drive, and in any
case, a floppy disk can hold only 1.4 megabytes of data. That's fine for
most word-processing files, but too small to hold a typical music file, a
presentation, or more than a few high-resolution photos. If your PC has a
CD-Burner you can burn the files onto a blank CD, but that can be a slow
process, and most PCs still can't burn CDs. Most also lack a Zip drive,
which uses high-capacity disks. Some of us can email the files but many
e-mail providers limit the size of attached files.
Now, however, there's a new gadget for moving big files around. It doesn't
require a disk drive at all, or any other hardware besides a USB port,
which is ubiquitous in modern PCs. It doesn't need an Internet connection,
or even any software -- not even the 'drivers' most other devices need. It
works interchangeably on Windows PCs and on Apple Macintosh models. It
fits in a pocket, can be reused again and again, and is practically
indestructible, yet light as a feather.
Simply plug the device into any USB port and instantly have access to your
data.  The data transfer rate is an amazing 1MB per second!  The device is
roughly the size of a car key and allows you to transport your
computer files both securely and easily.  The USB Drive is as easy to
operate as a floppy disk!
Don't trust your important information to a floppy or zip disk!  They are
easily destroyed by heat, water, dust, wear, and even by age.  The USB
Drive's solid exterior is made of solid brushed stainless steel and hard
rubber plastics.  Drop your USB Drive is a pool of water?  Drive over your
USB Drive with a sport utility vehicle?  Don't worry, not only will it
keep working but your data will be intact.
Starting at only $29.95 (regularly $39.95) the USB Drive makes the perfect
gift for anyone who owns a computer. And we are so sure you will love the
USB Drive that we offer an unbelievable one-year warranty and a 15-day No
Risk Money-Back Guarantee! 
We Accept University and Educational Purchase Orders!
If you have any questions about our products, inventory, store policies,
or would like to place an order via phone, please call our order desk at
(866) 432-4022.

Order your USB Drive now by … 
Visit our website at 
or Call our toll free order desk at (866) 432-4022 
Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm PST

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