next Ebeam Town Hall Meeting will be in January. January 21, 2004 14 00 - 16 00 hours (2 - 4 PM)

James Conway jwc at
Tue Dec 7 12:30:42 PST 2004

Greetings Raith Users:

I have decided that it would not be prudent to hold an E-beam Town 
Meeting in December due to a large number of people whom will already be 
away from Stanford.  This decision mainly is based on user feedback 
returned to me from my previous email 

My proposed date for the next Ebeam Town Meeting will be Friday January 
21, 2004 14 00 - 16 00 hours (2 -4 PM) CIS 101

Thank you,

James Conway

The Agenda remains open for your suggestions:

Agenda Items Proposed:

Raith Scheduling on Coral; managing a limited resource. 20 minutes
    Seeking your contributions and opinions on our current usage 
policies and discussion and proposals of modifications to these policies.

Discussions on methods users can implement to increase sample throughput 
on the system. 10 minutes

Recent PCM testing results in brief. - 5 minutes

Commonly Encountered Problems: - 15 minutes

    *  Beam Drift due to Substrate Charging issues and discussion on
    * Write Field Alignment Challenges and how to solve them.
    * Stitching breaks in the V scan direction
      - To use or not to use Focus Correction By working distance.

New Item: Raith Champions End of Year Project Summaries:
Raith Champions are encouraged to briefly summarize their project goals 
and review the results they have obtained on the RAITH system. It is 
desired for you to present a PPT slide or two with your images and 
measurements to summarize your RAITH results.  User feedback is 
requested on what needs improvement and desired hardware upgrades and 
software enhancements might be desired by Users.
On the lighter side Users are also encouraged to present your best 
images and unusual results you may have obtained on the system. 
Presenters will meet their results and project reporting requirement for 
SNF by giving us your update.

RSVP... to beamtools at  Thread:  EBEAM TOWN HALL MEETING.

Thanking you for your support,

James Conway
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