DuPont and CEO Holliday are transnational scoundrel!

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DuPont and CEO Holliday are transnational scoundrel!
Seek response from E-mail: info at, or webmaster at Does DuPont dare to deny openly? It does not dare, absolutely does not dare. With ironclad evidence before it, what qualification does it has to deny? There is a proverb saying “Qui non improbat, approvat”. Without open objection, DuPont is openly admitting itself to be a transnational scoundrel, trampling on the human and national dignity of creditors.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
 My friend, Mr. Huang, is patent holder of a highly efficient and nontoxic farm pesticide production technology of People’s Republic of China. However, in 1995, without negotiating with Mr. Huang, DuPont Chemical Company of the United States has unilaterally worked out a “1995 Agreement” and took the patent technology solely as its own, and has been refusing to pay Mr. Huang any technology transfer fee or “full compensation”. More despicable is that DuPont Board Director and CEO Holliday has for three times vilified Mr. Huang as a scoundrel and the People’s Republic of China as a country of scoundrels on the obverse side of Mr. Huang’s “refused” envelope, and said Mr. Huang, as a citizen of the People’s Republic of China, is not entitled, as citizens of other countries do, to claim his right with DuPont according to laws of civilized countries and practice of civilized people. Since the summer of 2000, Mr. Huang has time and again produced sufficient factual evidences and irrefutable legal basis for DuPont to perform the agreement or conduct full compensation by way of writing letters, sending facsimiles, making telephone calls and face-to-face negotiation. And contrary to this, DuPont is unable to produce any factual evidences and legal basis neither for not performing the agreement nor for not conducting full compensation, but takes the attitude of “”absolutely” not performing the agreement nor conducting full compensation, and “you may do as you like”. Here I want to ask who is the scoundrel (a transnational scoundrel)? What kind of qualification has Holliday obtained to do so? In summing up, Holliday and DuPont are undoubtedly scoundrels. Or more correctly, Holliday is a transnational scoundrel, while DuPont is a multinational scoundrel. In order to safeguard the basic economic order as well as the basic ethics in the world, Mr. Huang here sincerely request all ladies, gentlemen, CEOs, experts and men of noble characters to let it know to Holliday and DuPont that laws of civilized countries cannot be trampled on, the basic ethics of the society cannot be ruined, respect and equal treatment to China and the Chinese people are necessary, and to repudiate debts cannot fatten itself. DuPont must observe the obligations it has promised in the agreement, let alone the commitment it made initiatively. It must pay patent fee and license fee to Mr. Huang and may by no means go back on its words. If it dares to take goods and does not pay, it certainly dares to take the money and does not deliver the goods, or deliver fake products, or deliver products of inferior quality. Who will be the next victim? At what time? And what’s the amount? Who can guarantee? Therefore, Mr. Huang request all of you, CEOs, technical experts, men of noble characters, and Chinese compatriots: guard your property and wealth against Holliday and DuPont. Though you are fully capable of smashing the scheme of Holliday and DuPont, it is a waste of time, energy and money to do so; keep away from them and avoid various exchanges with them. Mr. Huang sincerely suggests you check whether you have fallen into the trap of Holliday, or the trap of DuPont? If you have, go straightly to them and get even with them. Otherwise you will be taken as automatic disclaimers of power once the “validity of legal prescription” passes.
With best regards
Empowered person: SXF
求证E-mail:info at,webmaster at美国杜邦敢公开否认吗?
西方谚语:“不反对就是赞成! ”
 美国杜邦是强横无耻型的跨国级的无赖公司!                                 。。。。。。。。。                                     
为了维护世界的最起码的经济秩序,为了维护世界最起码的道德,黄先生敬请各位尊敬的女士、先生、总裁、专家、君子,教育Holliday和美国杜邦公司,学会不要践踏文明国家的法律,不要败坏社会最基本的道德,学会尊重、平等对待其他国家和其他国家的人民;教训Holliday和美国杜邦,顽固 赖 帐是不可能养肥自己的。在协议中承诺的义务必须履行,主动承诺的义务就更必须履行,必须向黄先生支付专利费、许可证费,绝对不许赖帐!  
家们,一切道德高尚的君子们,一 切有民族自尊心的人士:千万警惕和严防Holliday和美国杜邦侵夺您的
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