Announcement: Ph.D. Thesis Defense - Ali Javey -- Carbon Nanotube Electronics 9AM Monday 5-23-05

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Wed May 18 10:20:19 PDT 2005

Good Morning to the Raith Community:
Please join me in supporting Ali Javey during his Ph.D. Thesis defense 
next Monday at 9 AM in the CISX Auditorium.
James Conway

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Subject: 	Ph.D. Thesis Defense - Ali Javey
Date: 	Wed, 18 May 2005 09:33:35 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear All,

I will be defending on Monday, May 23rd at 9 am in the CISX Auditorium.  I
hope you can make it despite the early time.


Carbon Nanotube Electronics
Ali Javey

Monday, May 23 at 9 am
CISX Auditorium

Molecular electronics is an emerging field with a goal of developing
miniaturized device elements based on the bottom-up synthetic processes.
As the conventional Si technology reaches its scaling limit, many have
approached novel molecular concepts, such as nanotube-based electronics,
as alternatives. Carbon nanotubes are chemically derived quantum wires
(diameter ~ 1 nm) with atomically well defined structures, and are ideal
for elucidating basic phenomena in 1-D and have been proposed as the
potential building blocks for future nanoelectronics. In this talk, I will
discuss ohmic contacts, high-k dielectric integration, electrostatics,
device physics, and electron-phonon interactions in carbon nanotube
devices with novel geometries. Unprecedented near-ballistic electron
transport is observed at room temperature in nanotube FETs with high-k
dielectrics, capable of delivering higher current densities and therefore
switching speeds than the state-of-the-art Si MOSFETs. The results show
the promise of nanotube building blocks in paving a "revolutionary"
pathway for future generation of high density and performance digital
electronics. Furthermore, I will present electron transport spectroscopy
measurements of molecular-scale organic electronics obtained by
incorporating metallic nanotubes as miniaturized contact materials with
better electrostatic gate control and contact transparencies than the bulk
metal contacts.


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