New Thread: Request for your data points for Microchem 5% 495K PMMA in Anisole.

James Conway jwc at
Fri May 20 10:18:25 PDT 2005

Greetings Raith and Ebeam Community:

I am just about to release my characterization data for the new 
Microchem 5% 495K PMMA - A (in Anisole solvent) including the updated 
process definition.  It would be very nice if users already working with 
this material could provide me with their data for Resist Thickness as a 
function of  spin speed as well as their dose-to-clear determinations to 
acceleration voltages for the Range 10 - 50 kV.  I have only very little 
data at 30 kV on our Hitachi HL-700  system; not having  the time to 
work very much on the Hitachi since it came back up last month.

This would greatly assist us in evaluation of the process width or 
variability from user to user, and between full wafers and pieces using 
this resist system on both machines.

People with quality SEM images of their process results for this resist 
system would be honored if they wish to add their images to this data 
base. I hope to get all the data up on our web site by mid week next week.

Thank you for your support!  

James Conway

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