First Announcement: Ebeam Town Hall Meeting for February 28, 2006 from 2:30 - 4:30 in CIS 101

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Fri Feb 3 11:31:07 PST 2006

Greetings Ebeam and Raith Communities:

The next Ebeam Town Hall Meeting will be held Tuesday February 28, 2006 
from 2:30 - 4:30 PM at CIS 101. We hope to have a good turnout for this 
meeting as we will cover a number of topics under informal discussion 
within the Ebeam Lab. We also sincerely desire your input and feedback.

The agenda and items for discussion are currently open for your input 
and any request.

Ebeam Town Hall Meeting Agenda:

1. Welcome and Introduction by James Conway                             
( 5 minutes)

2. Feature Presentation:                                               ( 
30 minutes + 10 for Q&A)

Yves Acremann, Stohr Group will be presenting an update from his group 
who are using the RAITH 150.

Title: Magneto-dynamics: from field pulses to spin injection

Magnetic nanostructures still show complex switching behaviors which are
important for applications. Magnetic switching by a field is envisioned to be replaced
by injection of a spin polarized current into the magnet.
This has been demonstrated by transport experiments. Time resolved x-ray
microscopy allows for the first time to image the magnetization switching process in a spin transfer structure revealing 
the limitations of the macrospin model.
Instead of the coherent magnetization reversal, we observe switching by
lateral motion of a magnetic vortex across a nanoscale element.
Our measurements reveal the fundamental roles played independently by the
torques due to charge and spin currents in breaking the magnetic symmetry on picosecond time scales.

 3.  Microchem MaN-2403 Negative EBL Resist Technical Review:		(30 minutes + )

For more than a year now we have been exploring the process parameter space working with MicroChem MaN-2403 Negative Ebeam Resist. A number of users have had a chance to test and evaluate this high quality resist material for their research here at Stanford.  Several users have reported excellent EBL results using this resist.

MicroChem MaN-2403 Negative Ebeam Resist offers a alternative to working with our UVN-30 amplified EBL resist.
Specifically it has a wider process latitude for exposure and does not require the critical post exposure bake step. 
It is a Novalak based resist system and offers similar etching characteristics to other Optical Photoresist used at SNF.

Users whom have tested this material are encouraged to present data and images of their EBL results working with this material. Users wishing to test and evaluate this material in February are requested to see me directly to obtain access to this material.

Based on your feedback we will hope to gain consensus and together make a decision to make this material a standard stocked 
resist material here at SNF.

4. Raith Reservation and Scheduling Issues:    				(<20 minutes )
Managing the Raith 150 system with a large number of users of various experience levels.
	- Changes or Modification to the currently existing policies in place?
	- Cancellation Policy -- 24 hour notice requested?
	- Should we penalize users whom cancel, or repeatedly not show up for their reservations?
	- Should we implement a Raith System Standby Users listing?
	- 'Share the Ride' incentive for users working with small chips.

5. Ebeam Conference SWAG raffle:					(10 minutes )

For years I have attended Three Beams, the Electron Ion Photon Beam Research Network Meeting (EIPBN) and other topical conferences. In this time I have collected a number of interesting items that I have no use for whatsoever.
So to lighten up this meeting all participants may enter into a raffle to share some of this cool stuff!

If you have similar items you have no use for, from comical prizes or awards to spare T-shirts and such, fell free to donate them to the Lab and we will distribute to the users in the Lab. Let have some fun with this idea at this meeting.

6. Additional Items to be determined...

The Agenda remains open awaiting your input! 

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