ANNOUNCEMENT: RAITH Group XX -- Intensive 4 day short course. June 20 - 23 TUESDAY - FRIDAY 10 AM - 6 PM

James Conway jwc at
Mon Jun 12 11:08:37 PDT 2006

Greetings RAITH Group XX:

If you are listed in the To: section of this email you are confirmed to 
be in RAITH Group XIX.
If you are listed in the CC: section of this email, I still am in need 
of further information, or a commitment from you, to add you in the class.
If you now find you cannot attend this training class please reply ASAP 
and we will place you in the next available class with priority.

We also wish to invite all interested parties to the Tuesday morning 
lecture session and demo layer one training following at 2 PM - 6 PM in 
the afternoon. All are also welcome to attend as an observer the other 
'hands-on' sessions through the week. All Users are also encouraged to 
join any Raith Champion when they are on the system to gain further 
exposure to the system.

If you are listed in the To: section of this email:
This is your first announcement and confirmation of your commitment for 
attending the RAITH Group XX Training course to be held June 20 - 23, 2006.
 The schedule follows along with a listing of Participants whom you will 
be working with as a Team.  This will be an intensive four day workshop.
You are expected to attend all sessions in order to gain the experience 
and skills you will need to qualify on the RAITH 150 system.

NOTE: There are prerequisites you must complete before attending this 
class. You must have recent relevant SEM and LITHO experience before 
your can sit for this class. Please see me directly during my office 
hour should you have any questions.  Bring examples of your high 
resolution SEM work to the first class.

Thank you for your interest in Electron Beam Technologies at the 
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility,

James Conway
Ebeam Technology Group

   RAITH Group XX Schedule:   

Raith 150 Basic Users Training - Intensive 4 Day Short Course

June 20 - 23, 2006 from 10 - 6 PM Tuesday through Friday.

The Plan of Action:
We will start out with a half day of lecture in the morning Tuesday; 
quickly moving into entirely 'hands on' operations training through the 
remainder of the week.  We will break for lunch at various times, while 
the system is writing, so plan to be flexible with your other outside 
commitments.  You should have started working on your GDS II patterns 
and preparing PMMA on your substrates if you wish to write on your 
material. Please bring your patterns and materials to the 'Hands-On' 
sessions. Some afternoons we may also be able to finish earlier,  
letting the system write on its own to the end of our reservations on 
the system.

Tuesday June 20, 2006:
10:00 -  12:30 Session 1:  Basic Users Course Lecture  -- CIS 115  
[Please note the room change from previous classes!]
14:00 - 17:00  Session 2:  RAITH System Demonstration - Layer One -- 

Wednesday June 21, 2006:
10:00 - 12:30 Session 3:  RAITH System Demonstration - Layer Two: 
14:00 - 18:00 Session 4:  Hands On training session One -- EBEAM LAB CIS 

Thursday June 22, 2006:
10:00 - 12:30 Session 5: Hands On training session Two -- EBEAM LAB CIS L104
14:00 - 18:00 Session 6: Hands On training session Three -- EBEAM LAB 
CIS L104

Friday June 23, 2006:
10:00 - 12:30 Session 7: Hands On training session Four -- EBEAM LAB CIS 
14:00 - 18:00 Session 8: Hands On training session Five -- EBEAM LAB CIS 

Individual Qualification Sessions will be held after this class so you 
can demonstrate your skill on the system to me and gain your login to 
the system.



1.  Ching-Huang Lu ratiug at <mailto:ratiug at>  
Coral: ____________ Phone:  ___________
Waiting for his confirmation ...

<>2<>. Alex Neuhausen  alexneu at <mailto:alexneu at> 
Coral: alexneu            Phone: 571-643-8034 c
David Gold-Haber Gordon Group Project: Single molecule trapping and 
conductance measurements. 


<>3. Li Zhang zhangli at <mailto:zhangli at>  Coral: 
zhangli  Phone:   650-714-1386<>
Hongjie Dai Group:  Project: 

<>4. Deji Akinwande dejia at <mailto:dejia at> 
Coral: Dejia Phone: 703-623-6423 c
Phillip Wong Group Project: CNT for Transistors devices


<>5.  Brian Gierhart bcgierhart at 
<mailto:bcgierhart at> Phone:  530-752-8555 lab.<>
UC DAVIS Project:  Nano-gap electrodes for molecular electronics.

6<>. Andrei Garcia ag254 at <mailto:ag254 at> 
Phone:  443-994-8186 cell
David Gold-Haber Gordon Group Project: Spin orbit coupling in InGaAs.


 <>7. Ekin Kocabas kocabas at <mailto:kocabas at> 
Coral: kocabas Phone: 650-804-4210 c
David Miller Group:  Project:  Optical Antennas for detection in the IR.


<>8. Guangyu Zhang gyzhang at <mailto:gyzhang at> 
Coral:  Phone: 650-796-5467
Hongjie Dai Group: Project: Control of catalyst particles for CNT.


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