ZEP-520A Out of Stock -- but we have 1:1 ZEP-520A to Anisole.

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Oct 13 09:18:55 PDT 2006

Good Morning,

Yesterday I used up the last 8 ml of ZEP-520A in our in-house supply.  I 
was able to coat 12 wafers with 8 ml.
I have ordered a new bottle which may take a week or more to receive 
from Japan.

FYI:  There remains a supply of thinned ZEP-520A 1:1 by volume with 
Anisole.  I prepared this mixture for target thickness of 100 nm and 
thinner thin films.
While I don't have a spin speed curve for this mixture and batch, in the 
past 3000 rpm rendered ~ 100 nm thin films.
I also have some wafers with the last batch of ZEP-520A retained for 
reference materials, if anyone is interested.
Users are encourages to report their spin and resolution results working 
with the thinner films.

Good Morning,

James Conway

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