Query on lead times for MaN-2403?

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Oct 13 12:06:16 PDT 2006

Good Afternoon Rob Hartman,

Thank you for the very rapid response to my query this morning!
I think the best way to handle this challenge  is to increase the 
quantities that we are ordering from you allowing us more material in 
stock contained in several bottles.
We will also change the 'threshold to order' quantity that we have been 
using to order the next bottle(s) of Resist.  This will allow 
comfortable lead times and timely delivery of these valuable engineering 

Thank you for developing an excellent suite of high performance resist 
materials. All of us here at the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility have 
been pleased with the improved performance and increase in resolution we 
have obtained using Microchem Ebeam resist  materials. Recently we have 
selected your firm to be our primary resist material provider on 
engineering materials in the SNF Cleanroom and Ebeam Lab.

All the very best to everyone at Microchem.

Sincerely Yours,

James W. Conway
Ebeam Lab
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

Rob Hardman wrote:

> Dear James,
> Thanks for the good news on the performance of the ma-N 2403. I am 
> sorry for the delays in getting materials to you. However, a lead time 
> of 30 days is usual to get materials from Germany to the west coast of 
> the United States. The process runs as follows:
> 1. The order is received at MCC and entered into our system
> 2. The same order is transmitted to MRT typically with 24 hours
> 3. The order is received at MRT and processed
> 4. It takes MRT 2 weeks to turn the order around (irrespective of the 
> size of the order)
> 5. The material is shipped to MCC
> 6. The material is cleared through customs and delivered to MCC
> 7. MCC ships the material to you
> Steps 4 & 7 combined take three weeks (unless air shipment to you is 
> requested which saves 4 days). The order entry, receipt and reshipping 
> usually takes 3 - 5 business days. This gives a total of approximately 
> 30 days.
> Due to the extended time in manufacture and transit, I recommend that 
> you place your order 30 days in advance of the time you require 
> receipt. Alternately, you could place a blanket order with various 
> requested delivery dates outlined so that we could have the material 
> delivered to us in advance of our required ship date to you.
> Very Best Regards,
> Rob Hardman
> Technical Sales Representative
> MicroChem Corp.
> 617-965-5511 ext.313
> rhardman at microchem.com
> MicroChem is now offering MCC Primer 80/20 made from 20% HMDS in 
> PGMEA. This spin on material acts as both an adhesion promoter and a 
> pre-wetting agent under photo resists such as Rohm & Haas Electronic 
> Materials S1800 series. Why not use the convenience of one stop 
> shopping and reduce your hazardous shipping charges by ordering your 
> primer from us? Please feel free to request a data sheet or pricing 
> information through our website.
> www.microchem.com
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> From: James Conway [mailto:jwc at snf.stanford.edu]
> Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 1:27 PM
> To: Janice Collins
> Cc: Rob Hardman
> Subject: Query on lead times for MaN-2403?
> Good Morning Janice Collins:
> Over the past two order cycles we have experienced significant delays 
> in obtaining small lot quantities of MaN-2403.
> On both orders it has taken over a month to obtain these materials 
> from MRT.
> In previous discussions with Microchem and MRT both parties indicated 
> that their should be no significant delay in obtaining this product on 
> receipt of order.
> Now that I have brought this engineering material into my Ebeam Lab as 
> a standard stocked item available for all my Users; I am growing in 
> concern about maintaining a stock of this material.
> Is it an issue of volume of order or another reason these delays?  I 
> would appreciate some feedback on this issue...
> I am very pleased with the uniformity lot-to-lot and the performance 
> of this material since we started using it now two years ago.
> My Students, outside academics and industrial clients visiting and 
> working with me at the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility have obtained 
> very nice results using this material. I would also imagine that this 
> is good promotion for your products as my lab has significant exposure 
> within the Ebeam Community <http://research.ihost.com/eipbn/> and 
> within NNIN <http://www.nnin.org/>.
> Thank you,
> James Conway
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