MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT: Presentation on the new RAITH IONLiNE Nano FIB System on Thursday May 24, 2007 11:00 to 12:00 CIS 201

James Conway jwc at
Thu May 10 10:04:21 PDT 2007

*Meeting Announcement for Introduction of the RAITH ionLiNE -- Advanced 
Focused Ion-beam Nanofabrication Instrument.

*Brian Whitehead with RAITH USA Inc. will be here at SNF to introduce 
the new *RAITH ionLiNE *system to interested Users.

This meeting will be held Thursday May 24, 2007 from 11:00 to 12:00 Noon 
in CIS 201.

Everyone is welcome to attend this presentation.

Thank you,

James Conway
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility

*Abstract:  *

*/ionLiNE/ - a New Tool Concept for Nanofabrication*

*Authors: *Jason E. Sanabia, Sven Bauerdick, and Lars Bruchhaus


The Raith /ionLiNE/ is an advanced focused ion-beam nanofabrication 
instrument designed and characterized to meet lithography tool 
standards.  The unique components are the patented NanoFIB column, the 
ELPHY pattern generator, the laser interferometer stage, and a complete 
lithography software package, all integrated into one system to enable 
advanced ion-beam patterning. The ion-beam source and column produce the 
beam stability required for automated advanced lithography.  With a 
small beam diameter and nominal beam tails, the focused ion-beam offers 
high lateral selectivity, enabling fabricated feature sizes of 10 
nanometers and below.  Exposures are made in a variety of scan modes 
using a high speed 16-bit pattern generator. The pattern generator 
technology enables nanosecond ion dose control and 3D grey level 
patterning. For applications covering areas larger than a single 
exposure field, the laser interferometer stage provides positioning 
resolution of 1 nm.  With these unique features, the /ionLiNE /delivers 
critical lithography specifications, such as stitching and overlay 
accuracies.  The lithography software permits the generation or import 
of complex patterns in the widely accepted GDSII data format, job 
automation for overnight patterning without user interaction, automated 
dose control, metrology, and automated focus control /via/ height 
sensing schemes.  Fixed Beam Moving Stage (FBMS), a zero stitching error 
writing mode for the seamless exposure of extended structures, completes 
the advanced patterning of the /ionLiNE/.  Additional options, such as a 
gas-injection system and nanomanipulators, can be added to allow unique 
nanofabrication and nanoengineering capabilities.


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