cancelling my write due to construction noise

James Conway jwc at
Thu Feb 21 10:20:42 PST 2008

Greetings Raith and Ebeam Users:

It should be noted and advised to Users that the dwell times of almost 
any feature write written on any Ebeam tool is much much shorter in time 
than the frequency of vibrations from the construction and  demolition 
activities ongoing in the neighborhood.  In fact the amplitude of these 
vibrations is somewhat less than what we experienced during the shoring 
and pile driving operations of the Clark Center Bio-X project two years 
ago.  So far I have not seen any feature irregularity that could have 
been caused by vibration.

On the other hand imaging particularly at slow scan rates will show many 
horizontal image ripples as an artifact of the -Y scanning and 
vibration, acoustic, and acceleration events.
If any user has  what they think is a feature that was affected by these 
issues please send me or post a copy for everyones review.  I have been 
writing some rather difficult gratings on 100 200 and 650 nm pitches and 
have yet to find anything unusual.

Your comments are invited as this could prove to be an interesting 
discussion on our beam tools mail list.

FYI: Construction activities generally finish at about 15:05 hours each 


James Conway

Ilya Fushman wrote:
> Hi,
> It looks like the dots I burn are not circular and jitter too much 
> when I image. I'm assuming that this is construction noise. So I will 
> not write. So afternoon jwc session is open.
> -ilya
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> Ilya Fushman
> Applied Physics
> Stanford University
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