Ebeam may be coming up for users this week. Seeking patterns to test on the system working with you!

James W. Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Mar 3 09:10:36 PST 2010

Greetings Ebeam Users:

The PM was completed last week on the Hitachi HL-700 F we call EBEAM.  
We are in the middle of the qualification testing and hope to be up to 
all qualified Users later this week.
Seeking both qualified and new users seeking access to the system to 
test their patterns on this tool.
Most of the parameters on this tool are fixed and it is a great 
introduction to EBL if you are a new User.
This is a very fast Ebeam system with 100 MHz pattern generator and 
suitable for wafers up to 100 mm or pieces.

I hope to resume my bi-weekly 'Open Lab for New Users' starting Monday 
march 22, 2010.  Please see me during my office hours if you are interested.

All the Best,

James Conway

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