Ebeam may be coming up for users this week. Seeking patterns to test on the system working with you!

James W. Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Mar 3 10:41:21 PST 2010


I just received the Hitachi Field service report and their measurements 
exhibited stable emission current and beam position stability over time 
o the testing.
They SEM'ed and confirmed the CD's for line width patterns in the 50 - 
500 nm range using our Line and Space patterns measured using a 
calibrated SEM at their facility in Texas. Best line achieved was a 53 
nm line written in 300 nm PMMA at 550 µC/CM**2 dosage on a 60 nm pattern 

We will be confirming these results in further test of the system in 
coming days...

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

James W. Conway wrote:
> Greetings Ebeam Users:
> The PM was completed last week on the Hitachi HL-700 F we call EBEAM.  
> We are in the middle of the qualification testing and hope to be up to 
> all qualified Users later this week.
> Seeking both qualified and new users seeking access to the system to 
> test their patterns on this tool.
> Most of the parameters on this tool are fixed and it is a great 
> introduction to EBL if you are a new User.
> This is a very fast Ebeam system with 100 MHz pattern generator and 
> suitable for wafers up to 100 mm or pieces.
> I hope to resume my bi-weekly 'Open Lab for New Users' starting Monday 
> march 22, 2010.  Please see me during my office hours if you are 
> interested.
> All the Best,
> James Conway

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